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Mac Class of 69 Graduation Program  - May 27, 1969

Driver Education Graduation Program - June 30, 1966

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Mac Audio Vintage '67 from one of those 45rpm records.  These are rough but worth a listen.  Have your handkerchief handy for "In Halls Of Honor".    If you have better fidelity material or other material, please share.    School Song   Fight Song    1966 Lee / Mac Pep Rally   Information and Lyrics page  In mp3 format for Media Player. Follow MacArthur High link below for current version moderne ...

1966 Mac Football Team article

Commemorative Bricks link  The bricks are ordered with manufacturer in early Fall and installed in February.  To be confident in your order, contact the school to place.  A visit to the school is worthwhile to see the impressive Brickwalk they have accomplished thus far.  Recommended to order in the Summer - and check with the school.  The Spirit Org parent involved in the brick program seems to change often, no surprise there.  The brick program is ongoing so still is an opportunity to show your connection and spirit.

Link to Marquee Sign fundraiser page

Link to Memory Lane info page

Reunion Venue Tracker  for tired ole minds.  Please send your notes and corrections.

Reunion Guest Book a fine record of decades of attendees.  Of course, everybody didnt sign in - but hey - children of the 60s...

Link to Aerials of Mac Attendance Boundary Area and Bird's-eye views of the various schools

Video from Co68 website "Remembering Eastwoods" - mentions Eastwoods but is really a nice collection of memories and recollections by some of their folks - worth a watch...

Wowie Zowie - Check out the 10 YEAR REUNION mailer

Generic History Links - People's History is one of those collections of anecdotes and data thingys.  Perty good.  Several years linked here as follows:   1967   1968   1969    1970    1971 

MacArthur High website

MacArthur High website sitemap

MacArthur High clip-art

MacArthur High Wikipedia link

General Douglas MacArthur Wikipedia link

School Songs   The School Songs as performed by a recent school band - from the Mac HS website

NEISD 50th Anniversary newsletter

Virgil T Blossom article

Joe Bill Fox article

Vernon McManus web thread and google hits 2012

"Brahma Tales" Mac newspapers link--1966-1969(this will take you to the Class of 70 website where the papers are uploaded/we've helped out with some missing issues but this is mainly a Co70 project--not all issues are available yet--if you have any you can share, let us know)

San Antonio Remembered

1966-67 Mac Student Directory (courtesy of Kimio "James" Kitchen, Mac Class of '68)

Sarah Northington Fox, home ec teacher at Garner

Here's a link to the August, 1967 San Antonio Chamber of Commerce Magazine featuring a story on the 1966 Brahma football team, courtesy of Butch Gerfers.

Garner Junior High dedication program (cover)

Garner Junior High faculty listing

2019 Reunion In Memoriam PPT

Mac vs. Temple Football Program-September 13, 1968