'69 Brahma Yearbook

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Not to worry!

  New New New  '69 Brahma Yearbook - in pdf format  New New New

          Note: This is a much easier view than with the previous Viewer. 

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       1969 Brahma Yearbook - this is the old link to SnapFish

Note:  This link is to the SnapFish gallery.  Ken sacrificed his annual and invested the time to get this done.  Super thanks to Ken for this and for all of the things he's done to help the class.  

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The '69 Brahma is also available thru Classmates.com.    Howeverr, you must register as a member to see the yearbook.  We had temporary access without registration but have now disabled any links we previously included due to this new encumbered status.  It is a great way to view if you care to be (or already are one) a member.  Go to that website and just follow along to find it - it is there.