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Lynne Lewis


             Lynne Poole Lewis died February 13, 2019, at the Methodist Hospital, Medical Center, San Antonio, Texas. Lynne died after a short illness following the sudden onset of epileptic seizures in the brain, cause unknown. 
            Lynne was born on July 24, 1951 to Polly Poole Lewis and H. Wilson Lewis, San Antonio, Texas. Lynne was the granddaughter of Armstrong and Eloise Poole of Cotulla, Texas, and of Hardy W. and Dula Lewis, of the H. W. Lewis Equipment Company of San Antonio and the H. W. Lewis Ranch, Leakey, Texas. She was the niece of Eunice D. Lewis, San Antonio and Hogue Poole, rancher, Cotulla, Texas.
            Lynne graduated from Douglas MacArthur High School in 1969, and later trained in physical therapy and art. She married Wynn A. Buck in 1976 in her Aunt Eunice’s beautifully landscaped back yard. They had no children. For years, Lynne used her artistic gifts to produce a great many beautiful paintings and drawings. 
            Lynne was challenged for many years by a debilitating mental condition, and was a resident of the River City Care Center, San Antonio, for many years. 
            Lynne will be remembered by her family and friends for her kindness and determination, and for her artistic gifts. She was a major entity at the care residence, involving herself in discussion groups and helping with decorations for festive events. She will be missed. 
            Lynne is survived by her brothers, Hogue W. Lewis and Hardy C. Lewis, also an artist, and their families, nephews and nieces Hardy W. Lewis, Shannon Lewis Sullivan, J. Reed Lewis, Serenity Lewis-Lockhart, Lemuel Lewis, and Levi Lewis, as well as by many grandnieces and grandnephews.

            A memorial service will be held at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, March 9 at St. Chad’s Anglican Church, 11919 Orsinger Lane, San Antonio, Texas 78230, phone (210) 641-6107. 
            Lynne’s will be buried at San Fernando Cemetery III, Old Section at Roselawn in the H.W. Lewis family plot. 

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07/10/10 06:46 PM #1    

Chester Slimp

A fun and kooky kid indeed.  Down right drive you crazy sometimes but well intentioned.  She had a fine creative streak and that is what attracted us as buddies, I guess.  Very sad to see that she is lost and that there's no other information on how she did in life.  CS

NOTE: This tribute was written by Chez in 2010 when we all believed Lynne had passed away. As it turned out, we were wrong, but it was not from a lack of trying to find this lost classmate. We know Chez would have been happy to learn that we were finally able to answer his Qs about Lynne. RIP, Lynne and Chez.

10/20/19 03:13 PM #2    

Richard Alles

I knew Lynne from elementary school. While I don't know what became of her, I believe hers is a story of a creative woman who was too sensitive for this world. 

Lynne was mistreated by our fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Weller. When Lynne injured her ankle, she began using a cane for assistance. At some point, Mrs. Weller determined that Lynne no longer needed the cane and told her to quit bringing it to school. When Lynne brought it to school the next day, Mrs. Weller took the cane from her and, as punishment, shut her in the small supply closet at the front of the classroom for about 2 hours if I remember correctly.

Lynne loved folk music and brought her guitar to school on the Hollywood Park bus. While I my recollection of the details is hazy, one day the driver let the bullies on the bus take Lynne's guitar and smash it to bits.

Lynne was friends with Anne Marie Gordon, who lived next door to me in Austin in the early 70s. I'd see her at Anne Marie's from time-to-time, and she was happy, footloose and fancy-free. Subsequently she moved back to San Antonio and got an apartment near SAC.  

Anyway, I lost track of her after that. I hope somebody can fill in in the rest of her story.

10/21/19 12:08 AM #3    

Sherry Hanks Muller (Reynolds)

I remember Lynne as a very sweet and gifted soul.  We weren't in the same class that year, but I remember when she had  her cane. I had no idea that Ms. Weller was being so mean to her. Those 5th grade teachers were a piece of work.  I had Mr. Dague.   I also remember her and her guitar, but had no idea it had been destroyed by bullies.  How awful that had to be for her.  I remember several of us girls were at Ann Marie's for a party once, maybe Halloween. It was lots of fun. Hopefully she found happiness as she walked her path.

10/21/19 02:00 PM #4    

Brenda Foley (Melton)

Lynne and I became friends when I moved to San Antonio the summer before our senior year. During the senior picnic, Lynne and I rode horses at Brackenridge Park, and missed the bus! She knew some boys and we caught a ride back with them. I realized quickly that the boys were feeling no pain. I was very grateful to make it home safely and vowed to never do that again!

After graduation, I was invited by her family to join them at their Lake LBJ property. Jose Vives-Atsara and his wife were their guests. I didn't know who he was prior to that week, but I found him fascinating. His paintings are treasures. I loved hearing him talk about his art. They taught me how to waterski that week. When Lynne and I were outside in our swimsuits sunbathing, a helicopter buzzed us. It was LBJ himself!! Lynne's mother had dated him when they were young adults. We both laughed about the dirty old man incident! 

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