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Sandy Clopton (Johnson-Potter)

Sandy Clopton (Johnson-Potter)

   Sandy Clopton Johnson-Potter passed away on July 9, 1992 in Dallas, Texas. Here is her obituary:

   Services for Dr. Sandra Johnson-Potter, a Dallas veterinarian, will be at 6 p.m. Wednesday at Crane-Weiland Chapel in Dallas.

  She died at the age of 42 of respiratory dysfunctions Thursday at Doctors Hospital in Dallas.

  Dr. Johnson-Potter was born in Fukodo, Japan. She graduated from Bryan Adams High School in Dallas, then did undergraduate work at Texas A&I University in Kingsville and received her veterinary medicine degree from Texas A&M University.

 Dr. Johnson-Potter was a member of the Dallas County Veterinary Association and was invited to be a diplomat for the American Veterinary Medical Association. She was also a member of the World Wildlife Fund.

  Survivors include her husband, William Bert Potter Jr. of Dallas; mother, Vera Friedrich Cherry of Cedar Creek; and sisters, Cheryl Napper of Longview and Karen Shirsty of Dallas.

  The family will receive friends from 1 to 4 p.m. Wednesday at Crane-Weiland Funeral Home.

  Memorials may be sent in Dr. Johnson-Potter's name to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 362 S. Industrial Blvd., Dallas, Texas 75207. Family members also suggest planting a tree in her name.


Published 7/12/92 in the Dallas Morning News

Date of Death: 7/9/92


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02/08/09 06:34 PM #1    

Roger Barnes

I could only dream of dating someone as fine as Sandy Clopton. She was an A-list beauty at Garner and I only admired her from afar. I do remember her as a sunny, smiling, friendly girl who could have been a movie star.

02/12/09 01:10 PM #2    

Jim Briscoe

She was my vet in Dallas. Very sweet lady and took great care of my dog.

02/14/09 10:53 PM #3    

Gail Zars

I used to spend the night with Sandy in the Garner days. She was very sweet, lots of fun. She overcame many difficulties that would have held alot of people back. She was THE exception to the rule.

02/16/09 07:24 PM #4    

Ken Jones

To all my highschool buddies and girlfriends regarding a little angel named Sandy...
As some of you know Sandy and I were inseperable our Sophomore year. Just one year. We fell for each other sitting on the front steps of Mac's main entrance. A lot of us use to enjoy the mild midday sun there before lunch. I had girlfriends before, but nothing like that which was to come with Sandy. I really don't know if it was just a mutual attraction or if it was something I said. I always told her I would never hurt her and I would protect her at any cost.

As pretty and built as she was, she could of had anyone she wanted, I suppose. Although I felt real lucky to be her beau for a year, glory is fleeting and always comes with a price...

Her mother ran a bar, the Ebbtide Lounge and my penance was to help clean that bar every Saturday morning from 10:00AM to 1:00PM after being with her daughter the Friday night before. It was like going from Heaven on Friday night to Hell on Saturday morning.

She was worth every minute I spent there, even though it was the worst experience I had ever encountered. My duties consisted of cleaning the filthiest restrooms you can imagine in a neighborhood bar. Barf, urine, beer and booze was the concoction of the day...

I carried the beer soaked floor racks from behind the bar outside for a hose off so we could get to all the spilled liquor and broken ash trays. Cigar and cigarette butts ground into the ash trays and the floors blended into an aroma that seemed to burn the hair in your nose. Sometimes the stench of the place made me get to know my gag reflex.

The Pinesol we used to mop the floors with would leave a scent of unnatural flavoring, masking years of accumulated grit, grime and unanswered dreams. My hands would stink for hours even after several washings.

Her mother was a tough ol' bird and had all the boyfriends and suitors she could handle. I'm sure Sandy had many challenges with her mother and her part-time fathers, mostly who she was afraid of. She had fears from her past and I had fear of the future.

Sandy was a Brahmadora and I was Sophomore JV Football. Since coach Fox and Price had their all star football players in '66, I rarely was brought up for games with the Varsity team and didn't want to sit in the stands as a spectator, so I didn't go to many of the games.

When I would catch up to Sandy after the games, we would see each other from a distance and run to each other for a hug and a kiss. She would be hot and sweaty from the evening air and all the cheers, I was clean and fresh from a shower before our date, but to grab her in my arms and hold her was like embracing a fresh, new born baby. Her perspiration was even tantalizing and enviting.

Our dates took us to another place in time. We had one of the most stimulating, year long, life exploring adventures you could imagine. I wish all of you could have been there with us. I should write a book about our double dates and the fantastic friends and the fun times we had while enjoying each other. She will always live in my heart and though she is gone to heaven she knows we were alive as alive could be and in love and shared a year like no other I have ever known.

06/16/09 06:28 PM #5    

Richard Moore

My first kiss. Austin hwy drive in. On the cement chairs behind the swing sets. Maybe I was 12 years old.
GOD rest her soul

06/24/09 11:36 PM #6    

Janice Kennedy

Sandy was one of the best friends I ever had. She used to go on family vacations with us and she was either at my house or I was at hers most weekends during 6th,7th and 8th grade and then again when I moved back to SAT in my Junior year. We went through alot of family issues and heartaches together. I was so happy when she started dating Ken. They were so happy together. But I also know she would have loved Sally, and would be happy for the life Sally and Ken have had together!

She was an incredible individual and always wanted to be a vet. She was a great one too. Once we had a dog that was hit by a car and I took her to Sandy and there was nothing she could do to save her. But she let me sit, cry and hold her as long as I needed. I didn't want my kids to see her all crushed so Sandy took care of the burial and everything.

I was also fortunate to be a bridesmaid in her wedding, along with Lynn Cather. She was so happy that day.
I am so sad today that she is no longer with us. I would love to hug her neck, see her smile and tell her I love her. Someday I hope I will. You will be in my memory always Sandy with much love. Janice

08/27/09 11:27 PM #7    

Ken Jones

I know how close Sandy and Janice were. I want to thank Janice for her sweet comments about Sandy and about the beautiful marriage Sally and I have. I suppose your lucky to have just a few friends you can call true friends. Janice was a true friend to me and made our days at Mac really special. Although Janice and I never dated, she was a special girl-friend and the kind of person you were glad to know and felt lucky to be able to spend time with. She was the essence of MAC SPIRIT. All my love goes out to Janice Kennedy. Ken

09/27/09 08:14 PM #8    

Janice Kennedy

Thanks Ken. I love you, too! Always!

03/17/11 11:44 AM #9    

Robert Cuddy

I met Sandy the summer before my freshman year at Mac.  She would be a junior that year. But we met at a local pool during the summer and became friends.  She was like my first girlfriend, but mostly just in my eye's I think.  We stayed friends while she was at Mac, and I lost contact with her when she moved up to the Dallas area, as I think I ran into her only one more time after her move.

I had often wondered what had happened to her, and I am very sad to see that she has passed on, and on my birthday no less.

I have nothing but very fond memories of Sandy.  Her household was different at times but she always seem to be calm and collected, and I remember her smile.  She is and always will be missed. 

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