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How I see our classmates
Posted Monday, April 13, 2009 07:32 AM

 When I see our classmates, even in the recent photos some have posted of themselves, I see them as they were when we were all at Mac. I have often wondered why that is and I came across one explanation in a book I have just finished reading. The book is "The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors". In describing the reunions of these WWII survivors, the author wrote the following: "The men bonded with each other at an age when bonds harden like epoxy, in their late teenage years and early twenties. [Because of their common experiences], the bonds have become all the more enduring. ... They see each other as they did ... decades ago." Though most of us were together for only a few years, those were impressionable years, and I think that helps me understand why I see our classmates the way I do.

RE: How I see our classmates
Posted Monday, April 13, 2009 08:27 AM

I have experienced the same phenomena....the visualization of classmates...seeing them as they were rather than how they look now.  Although...some people look the same ....or very close to the same..... and I will pass on naming names....(but did anybody see Kathy Means at the 25th).  Even more intriguing is how classmates social interactions play out.  I see the same old grudges being held, the same old flames being fanned, the same old cliques standing fast, and the same old friends being reached out to.  Fascinating stuff.

Roger Barnes

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RE: How I see our classmates
Posted Tuesday, April 21, 2009 09:32 AM

 Stephen M. Crites

Ken, I know what you mean about the way we look now. Over the years when I would return home to visit my mother, I would check the poeple out in the resturants for a fimilar face. Never happened. Now, I see I could have been at the next table and not known anyone. Its funny how time softens the feeling about each other over the years. We were all growing up, just some faster than others.

RE: How I see our classmates
Posted Tuesday, April 21, 2009 09:39 AM

 Kathy Killebrew Poehl

Ken--very interesting explanation! I thought I would ask on the forum as I am not real sure who is working on the Golf Tournament. Is it Bob Records? Bob--if it is you--I want to let you know Michael has purchased a couple of prizes for his class reunion--and also, got a couple for ours. How many of you that are reading the forum are planning on playing golf on the Saturday of the reunion at The Quarry????

RE: How I see our classmates
Posted Friday, April 24, 2009 09:21 AM

Hey Ken - I know this post isn't really part of the subject of this thread but from a technical standpoint I have a comment/question:  In the subsequent postings by others to your original post,  the photo to the left of each posting continues to be yours.


I wonder if our web service provider/programmer, could make adjustments where the picture to the left of each of the posting could be associated with the person actually creating the posting, either the old black and white yearbook pic that most of us have on our profile, or some other pic such as you have. 


Any possibilities of that??  Thanks!

Court T.

RE: How I see our classmates
Posted Friday, April 24, 2009 09:34 AM

Here's the reason why my pic appears next to so many posts: I have designated a "master photo" on my profile page. Whenever I post something, my pic appears with it. (Only a classmate can designate a master photo--I can't do that and would not presume to do that for someone else. Some classmates may not want a master photo.) I sent a msg out to all those that made posts to the Message Forum asking them to visit the website and copy and paste their posts to the new Brahma Tales page. A few complied, but some did not. Therefore, I copied and pasted their posts, being careful to attribute the posts to each author. Since I was considered the one making the post, my pic appears. If that is too distracting, I can undesignate my master photo and it will then be removed from all my posts. If you check above, the response from Roger Barnes carries his photo b/c he has designated a master photo. Same with another topic where Barb Marullo posted a comment--her pic appears. Only those posts that originated with me or that I copied and pasted carry my pic.

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RE: How I see our classmates
Posted Saturday, July 10, 2010 01:06 PM

I'll concur with the observation you brought from your reading as this topic - our youth, epoxy - all that.  For me - with the 5-year interval, seems that the Brahmas have actually turned into a life-theme.  We mostly have our distance for the 5 years between the reunions - but the duration of the reunions (there have been 7 over 35 years) is the thing that has me in awe.  Of course, our families stay with us - good and bad.  But the Brahmas is generally a good thing - and has had more staying power as an activity than anything else I can think of - for me anyway.  University, employment, training, travels, kids starting, kids going, living situations, residences, vehicles, parent's leadership, parent's dependence - gee - life is transient.  The Brahmas and the get togethers are mighty consistent.  It's like it's going to happen, it's going to be fun  and  it almost always leads to some more fun connections, some refreshing and good community.  As far as the cliques, etc - I really dont see it - I dont think anybody cares anymore - and the ultimate clique seems to be survival, at this point anyway.  As far as looks - everybody perty much looks the same to me - just older.  Some wasting away, some heavy, some square, some crumpled, some admirable, some scary - the eyes, the demeanor, tone of voice and the smiles seem to stay as they always were..  Man, I know I show my years, and starting to have "procedures", etc.. Geez.   I am considering having my hair blue (not punk blue, cannasta-lady blue) for the 45th.  So there..   Chester..

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RE: Brahma Yearbook
Posted Tuesday, September 6, 2011 11:03 AM

For anyone who is interested, our yearbook is now online @   Enjoy!