55th Year Reunion Interest

It’s that time again—our 55th Year Reunion in 2024! We are thinking about having our usual Friday night casual and Saturday night sit-down dinner events, on the weekend of October 25-26, 2024. Please help us with a headcount by telling us which event(s) you can attend and the formats you prefer.

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1)   * Do you plan to attend this year's reunion?

Yes No
We need a headcount in order to plan for space, food, and drink, so please respond.
2)   * In a two event format, would you be more likely to attend the Friday night casual event, the Saturday night full buffet dinner, or both?

  Friday night casual
  Saturday night sit-down dinner

Again, we need a headcount for each night in order to plan for space, food, and drink, so please respond.
3)   * Would you be interested in staying at a hotel if we could get a block of rooms at a reasonable price?

Yes No
Price per room will depend on the no. of rooms needed.
4)   * There is no admission fee to the Friday night casual event. Each person will pay-as-you go for any food or beverage you choose. The cost for the Saturday night full buffet dinner will be $55 per person and will be collected at the registration table on Saturday night, if not pre-paid. Does the Saturday night full buffet dinner price sound reasonable to you?

Yes No
If you or any other classmate need financial assistance in order to attend, please send us a message and we will make it happen.
This survey ended on 03/14/2024.