In Memory

Gary Engleman

Gary Eugene Engleman passed away on March 24, 1995 in San Antonio, Texas at the age of 44. A copy of his obituary is below.     

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Roger Barnes

Gary Engleman was a pal of Gary Keene. And Gary Keene was one of my partners in therefore I knew Gary Engleman. Engleman and Keene played off each other like a crazy Jack Nicholson and Gary Busey. One day in our sophmore year I was with my buddy Court Thielman while he was visiting Lynn Cather in the front yard of the Cather home. Up pulls a grinning Gary Engleman and Gary Keene with their gun molls in Gary's jeep. Gary promptly pulls out an array of handguns they had just purchased ....pearl handled chrome revolvers mostly in a saturday nite special caliber. Being the thougtful gentleman he had bought both their girlfriends effete semi-autos for their purses. We were all age 15 at the most and it did not seem like an out of the ordinary experience. Just another day in the life of a San Antonio boy. Adios Gary, mi amigo.

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