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Lynn Moody

Lynn Moody

Classmate Lynn Moody passed away in San Antonio, Texas on December 31, 2019 at the age of 68, after a long illness. Here is a link to a story concerning his passing and business life. He was involved in multiple restaurant and food service ventures, including as a co-founder of Taco Cabana. There will be a private service and interment in Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery.

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01/07/20 12:10 PM #1    

Roger Barnes

I know many classmates have their Lynn Moody memories.  Here are mine.  I did not know Lynn well in our adult life but as kids we had the time of our lives at the tender ages of 13-15, about 8th thru 10th grade.  As Robert Earl sang "We were bad for one another but good at having fun." We wern't really bad we were just mischievous.  My Mom would say about those days "you weren't bad, you were just being boys".  When Lynn started driving he drove the short distance from his home on Valley View across Nachodoches to hang out with us "Lantana boys"--myself, Court Thielman, Tony Degges, Roger Teagarden and Ronnie Powers.  Lynn was especially close to Ronnie.  Lynn started driving his red VW convertible before he was street legal. He was the first to have wheels in our group so you can imagine the freedom we felt as 13/14 year old boys as we got off our bicycles and ventured off into the world. I recall just Lynn and I driving up to WurstFest in New Braunfels and enjoying adult beverages with noone asking for ID.  We papered numerous Brahma girls houses in his blue impala convertible and one night while papering Leslie Dalke's house her Dad (he was HUGE) chased me while Lynn was making our getaway and I barely escaped by diving into the back seat while he was flooring the chevy. We drove downtown and visited the infamous Green Gate Strip Club (no ID Check) and also enjoyed complimentary refreshments at the family's Poco Loco on the river. We never turned down a good time and were always on the move.  First semester soph year we got into a dust up with some hoods at a kegger at Fritz Knutz's family ranch.  Lynn stood tall but it was Thielman's mighty muscles that saved our bacon.  At one point in the brawl  the biggest hoodlum was swinging at Lynn and Courtney merely grabbed the guys arm with one hand and took him down into the dusty road and then things really got nasty. A few days later in the Mac parking lot Lynn and I were approached by one of the hoods with a black eye who threatened retribution.  Lynn did not blink and essentially said "bring it".  Nothing came of it.  That semester Lynn and I signed up for 6th Period PE to train for JV Baseball.  As I recall Lynn tried first base while I scuffled behind Fetzer at third. Lynn drove me home every day in the old VW.  My Dad was USAF so we transferred at Christmas break Soph year and I did not see Lynn again until about 1975 when I was on leave from the USAF and ran into him at North Star Mall.  He told me about his Coast Guard service of which he was proud.  In the early 80s I was transferred to Randolph and while standing in line at a Mexican Restaurant on Perrin Beitel I saw a photo on the wall of Felix, Lynn, and his brother Tommy.  (Lynn always looked up to Tommy and I recall he mentioned he was serving in Army Airborne at the time.)  Seeing the photo made me smile.  Lynn was really cooking.  We talked on the phone once or twice but I did not see him again until 25 years later at our reunion where I found him sitting on a keg all by himself in the back part of Aggie Park drinking a beer.  He was dressed in old jeans and work shirt.  Lynn was no fancy pants.  I joked about knowing him before he was "rich and famous".  He smiled.  He was the same down to earth guy.  Unassuming, sincere, loyal, hard working. You had to love it.  In recent years Lynn included me on his after reunion dinner get togethers late at night at his home and on his email mail list sending out pass along stuff guys send to each other.  He had forgotten most of our childhood shenanigans but liked me to refresh his memory . Occasionally he asked me to meet with him.  Life got in the way and I put it off.  Since I  got wind he was ill I had been thinking about him a lot. Like I told Ken, Lynn has been showing up in my dreams for a while now.  He'd appear in the old red VW ragtop and we'd be off on some teenage adventure again. I guess it's an old man's way of reliving his youth and facing mortality.  We had a glorious time. Condolences to Susy, Kirk, and Koy.  They are surely devastated. We shall see him a little further down the road. 

01/08/20 08:20 AM #2    

Ted Wood

I met Lynn in 7th grade when he was still known as "dub" for his initials, Lynn Lamar. I spent lots of time with him and his dog Victrola at the house on the corner of Garrity and Harry Wurzbach--his brother, Tom, was a few years older and had a collection of skin mags under his bed--Lynn sold me a picture from one of them for $1.25, which was 2 weeks allowance for me. I showed it around for years. I used to bicycle out to the new house; it was very impressive with a real water fountain by the pool. Felix was always so friendly and obviously had affection for Lynn. We snuck around and smoked in secret like jr. high boys did back then. I quit, thankfully, and suspect his not quitting was part of his demise. I remember watching the ice bowl at his house. We drifted apart but were always cordial when we saw each other. He was devastated when Tommy passed. The YouTube video on TC is really good and does a good job of showing Lynn being Lynn. Here's looking at you, Lynn. Vaya con dios y vamos a verte luego.

01/08/20 01:55 PM #3    

Court Thieleman

Reading Roger's stories of Lynn brought back some of those memories although not in the same technicolor that Roger's mind can create.  Odd how one remembers some things vividly while others perhaps not at all.  I do remember the exciting times with Lynn and our gang expecially when Lynn came driving up in the ol' Red Bug.  When someone first starts to drive, you have sooo many friends.  I'll always remember those times as when the time between a suggestion to do something and doing it was a nano second.  God Bless, Lynn.

01/08/20 04:19 PM #4    

Kenneth H. ("Ken") Pearce

Like so many others, I was surprised and saddened to hear the news about Lynn’s passing. So many memories came to mind of him and Susy. Perhaps my earliest memory of Lynn was playing baseball with or against him—but I can’t remember which. I think it was Northeast Little League but it could have been when we were a little older, in Senior League. I also recall going to his house on Valley View in junior high (?) to swim, on one occasion. His was the first house I had ever seen with its own swimming pool! We didn’t interact much at Mac—we moved in different circles, but I knew many of his Mac friends. Fast forward to the reunions: Lynn and Susy were always so generous to allow us to have some planning meetings at their home; to provide food for the reunions; and to underwrite a good amount of the cost of the reunions. For me especially, since I lived in Houston, it was always good to know that the class had stalwart friends in Lynn and Susy. We shared with the class the recent Express-News article about him and linked his 2013 YouTube interview about Taco Cabana for the class to see. The YouTube video linked above, about Lynn's role as a co-founder of Taco Cabana, perfectly captures the Lynn I wll always remember. I urge those who haven't seen it to watch. We will miss him. 

01/10/20 05:19 PM #5    

Kenneth H. ("Ken") Pearce

Here is a link to Lynn's obituary as it appeared in the SA paper.

02/15/20 10:24 AM #6    

Mary Cole

I was so sorry to hear about Lynn. He was a generous soul and so much fun to be with. 

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