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Whatever Happened to?
Posted Thursday, September 2, 2010 12:20 PM

Through this forum and the reunions I have a pretty good handle on what happened to most our classmates...and those under & upper classmen that made an impression. However, there are a few mysterious characters that passed through my orbit  that I have found very little on...some were unique to Garner or my neighborhood...Northeast Village (Lantana et al).  Some kids floated in and out of Garner and Mac....moving or discontinuing their formal education in lieu of other adventures.  These are just a couple of guys I lost track of.......

Rusty Bartell....loved those wheelies he did on his scooter in the Garner parking lot.  Starstruck by Mr Berry he famously followed him home on his scooter just to find out where he lived.

Stan Phelps...he lived on Sagebrush Lane...down the street from Emily Harris.  During the Garner years he maintained an admirable "Happy Days" persona...great ducktail haircut, pegged pants and stomps or alternately black loafers.  He threw a memorable "invitation only" party (as was the custom of the day) at his house in the 8th grade where we spun a stack of 45 records on the player and danced and drank (soda pop) the night away in his garage.

Dana McKnight...a well dressed guy in my neighborhood with a top tier street fighting reputation and an isolate, fearless persona.  He went to my church (the old Methodist Church across the street from Mac).

Ronnie  "The Surfer"....appeared out of nowhere during 8th grade with a full surfer resume....can't recall if he said he was from California or the Gulf Coast.  He had the Surfer haircut and madras surfer shirts and weguins....and lots of zits.

Ricky "A"...can't recall his last name.  A dropout upper classman who drove a cherried out 56 Chevy and laid rubber up and down Lantana Drive to our delight and to our parents chagrin.  Eddie Olsen's right hand man.

Emily Harris...Leslie Dalke's sidekick.  Loved her smile and crazy laugh....this girl was alot of fun.  Took it hard when her Dad died.  Saw her once in the 70s living in Alamo Heights. 

I'd be curious if anyone can fill in some blanks.......or add to the list.....




Roger Barnes

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RE: Whatever Happened to?
Posted Friday, January 14, 2011 07:31 PM

The only one I remember is Rusty Bartell...I believe his Dad was Army & stationed at Fort Sam.   Maybe they moved to another post?

Lost track of Steve DiGiacomo after Garner.  He had a couple of brothers and was a drama geek like me....anybody remember?


RE: Whatever Happened to?
Posted Tuesday, February 1, 2011 12:55 PM

I ran into Steve a couple of times in Austin. He became a circus performer...I think Barnum & Bailey's.

RE: Whatever Happened to?
Posted Tuesday, March 8, 2011 09:52 AM

Steve's brother was John Joseph. They moved out to California after the 9th grade.

Stephen M. Crites