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Nancy Martin (Krszjzaniek)

Nancy Martin (Krszjzaniek)

     Nancy Martin Krszjzaniek passed away from cancer on March 21, 2001 in San Antonio, Texas.

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08/23/14 06:26 PM #1    

Marcia Izaguirre

Nancy was one of a handful of close friends I made in my short year and a half at MacArthur. Back in those days she was always ready to have fun. I will never forget the time spent with her, Kathy McConnell and Debbie McClure. I was younger than all of them and my English was non existing at first and basic for most of my high school years, yet never a deterrent to forge a great friendship. 

The last time I saw Nancy it was apparent she had traveled a tough journey through life which had changed her. I was saddened to hear of her passing and wished somehow she could have had the opportunity to turn back the clock and hold on to her vivacious laughter.

I chose to remember her as she was during those outings with Kevin McMaughan and Brett Cotham when life when life was still new!




08/29/14 01:57 PM #2    

Debra McClure (Perrett)

Debbie McClure, Kathy McConnell, & Nancy Martin. This photo was taken by my mother on my 17th birthday September 18, 1968. My mother invited my friends over for my birthday and made frozen daquaris for us. Yes, it was my mom’s idea. Can you believe that? I don’t know why Marcia was not there! The four of us were usually together. Marcia never drank alcohol, though. She was always the voice of reason. She probably went to church instead, to pray for us.

I attended MacArthur H.S. in my junior and senior year. My family moved away during my sophomore year. When we returned, I felt lost and friendless back at Mac. Kathy McConnell found me the first day and made me feel welcome. She introduced me to Nancy Martin the next semester, & I met the new kid from Honduras, Marcia Izaguirre, around the same time. The four of us were group friends for the rest of high school. Tina Dunsirn & Violet Martin were part of our group friends later on, but we lost touch with them not long after high school.

In high school, Nancy was fun, had a big smile, and a twinkle in her eye. She was closer to Kathy than the rest of us. She could be a loner or be a part of the group depending on her mood. She bought her first car, a red Austin Healy Sprite convertible, from my Alamo Heights H.S. boyfriend & future husband Bill Embley. She convinced him to sell it to her for $100. We spent hours driving around in that little car, with no seatbelts of course!

Marcia, Kathy, and I have kept in touch over the years. We lost contact with Nancy until the 25th Mac reunion. Sadly, she was not the same by then. The years had not been kind to her. She was not the same happy go lucky person we once knew. We convinced her to go to the reunion with us and had a good time together on Friday night. We saw her & her boyfriend again that same weekend on Sunday to have lunch together on the river. That was the last time we saw her. It was 1996. She called me a few times in the next year, but I never heard from her again. She passed away from cancer 5 years later, unbeknownst to us. I learned of her passing when I saw the deceased icon on our Mac website. I emailed Marcia & Kathy to ask if they knew, but it was news to them also. We are sad that she passed away without us knowing that she was gone. That did not seem like a fitting end to our relationship. Rest in peace Nancy Martin. You are remembered!

 Love from Debbie Mcclure


08/29/14 04:02 PM #3    

Marcia Izaguirre

To clarify I was not in Church praying for my friends, they were all great people... Who drank a bit, smoke some, snuck out of their homes and  into the drive in ...and... Well I better stop... It was all an eye opener to me... ??... But over all it was good clean fun!!! Memories that I safeguard from the passage of time...I feel lucky to have and kept them in my life !

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