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Greg Dehoney

    Edmund Gregorie (“Greg”) Dehoney, age 65, passed away on Thursday, April 16, 2015, in San Antonio, Texas. Born November 10, 1949, in Cleveland, Ohio, Greg grew up in San Antonio, and attended St. Pius X Catholic School. Greg graduated from MacArthur High School in 1969 and went on to perform as a radio announcer for KQXT, KEXL, and KTFM for many years. Greg loved to use his voice as his trade and worked in marketing and sales. He was an avid reader and loved history. His charm and great wit will be missed by all, especially his million dollar smile.  He was preceded in death by his father, Howard Carl Dehoney. Greg is survived by his mother, Anne Dehoney, his sisters, Jean (Richard) Levine and Elizabeth (John) Tindall, and his brother, Jim (Jackie) Dehoney, nieces, nephews, cousins, and friends. There will be a private memorial service for family only.

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04/22/15 10:02 AM #1    

Wes Burleson

What to say about Greg... I haven't seen him or spoken to him since I moved to the Ozarks, but he was a big part of my life back in high school and college. Greg, Mike Byrne and I spent an inordinate amount of time back then drinking coffee and shooting the breeze at Jim's Coffee Shop at the intersection of Vandiver and Austin Hwy. Always the quick wit, Greg kept the conversation lively.

There are so many anecdotal stories that I could tell about Greg, but one of my very favorites saw us at Fiesta Noche del Rio. Greg had been taking a class in French at MacArthur and decided to play a prank on one of the policemen patrolling the grounds. He walked up to him with some degree of desparation on his face and started babbling at the poor fellow in French. The officer was at a complete loss until Greg finally bent over double and started crying "Le Bathroom, Le Bathroom...". The officer realized the meanings and quickly gestured to the closest facilities. Greg, Mike and I ambled off in that direction barely able to wait before busting out laughing. A few moments later the officer caught up to us and said "Guess you think that's pretty dam*** funny... Well you're going to think it's funny when I kick your a**es out of here!!!". All the way to the exit Greg kept crying out in a pidgin French accent "Diplomatic Immunity, Diplomatic Immunity..."

That was life with Greg. There was always a hint of hijinx in the air.

I also owe Greg a debt of gratitude. As mentioned in his obituary he had worked at KQXT. It was KCOR-FM back then, but as Greg was moving on to another job at another radio station he managed to get me in the door with a part time gig at his departing station. So I have him to thank for initiating my stint into the world of radio. Those days, for me, were among the fondest memories of my youth. It's safe to say my life would not have gone in that direction if it hadn't been for Greg... And how many people can you think of that actually changed your life? 

Thanks Greg, for being YOU. 

Farewell Old Friend

Wes Burleson

04/23/15 08:59 AM #2    

Ted Wood

my earliest and funniest memory of Greg- we went to a party in alamo heights in 1966- i remember the first  30 minutes or so- next thing i was in greg's house on, i believe, woodcrest- at 4 a m - apparently i  had had a bit too much to drink- greg told me he had called my parents and asked if i could spend the night at his place- he also shared that he and someone else had held me on the trunk of a frind's car and driven down new braunfels to try to sober me up- greg was always the one with the laugh, the smile, and/or biting comment-i am so sorry he didn't come to the last reunion- or any that i remember- he was a good guy-he will be missed- mike byrne and i were just talking about him recently - rip, greg-

04/24/15 02:11 AM #3    

Mike Byrne

Greg opened the door for me to enter commercial radio at KQXT (nee KCOR-FM) in 1970.  As I mentioned to Ken Pearce is a separate email, had Greg not extended that opportunity to me, there would have been no radio, no Houston, no NASA, no Federal Express and no Lisa.  The route my entire adult life has taken came as the result of our friendship.  For that, I am so grateful, Greg.

As far as Wes Burleson's comments above-- he has it nailed!   "Je ne suis pas un provacateur, de l'immunité diplomatique, Copper!"

Just one of so many!  Adieu, mon ami...


04/24/15 01:23 PM #4    

Petra Schaefer (Cantini)

Greg was hilarious - I worked with him for a short time at KEXL - he was a fab DJ and a real gent with me - we went on a few dates and hung out at Jim's on Austin HiWY - I always laughed hard at his commentary - so sorry to hear of his passing - I often wondered where he was and what he was up to - heaven gained another Angel - RIP, my friend 

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