Connie Spencer Schwarz

Profile Updated: April 15, 2009
Residing In: San Antonio, TX USA
Spouse/Partner: Timothy (Tim) or Big Tim, because we also have a little Tim!
Occupation: Retired Pharamcist/Medical Sales Rep
Children: Matthew: Born in 1979
JuLee: Born in 1982
Tim: Born in 1986

My husband Tim and I are retired from medical sales, and still live in San Antonio. We breed small T-Cup and Toy Schnauzers in rare and unique colors; a hobby which we LOVE! We're totally unbiased when it comes to our dogs and our kids! :)

Our three children live close by, and we are eagerly awaiting grandchildren! Both of my sons were Eagle Scouts and served a full time mission for our Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Matt went to Washington State, and Tim went to Ghana, Africa. Matt graduated from A&M with a business degree, and is the top salesperson at Ken Batchelor Cadillac. Go in and ask for Matt,...mention my name, and he'll give you a deal! :) My daughter,JuLee, was an elite gymnast, and now has her Masters in Exercise Science and Nutrition. She teaches running classes in the athletic department at the University of Texas in Austin. Her husband, Trey, is working on his doctorate in Communication Studies. My youngest, Tim, has an amazing baritone voice, and now attends Brigham Young University, where he is finishing up his Construction Management degree.

We stay in contact with George Vakey, who takes us out to eat regularly. He's still unbelievably active, and just as sharp as ever!

School Story:

Ater my Scoliosis back surgery, I remember going to our Junior/Senior Prom in a body cast with Tommy Snyder. I had to lay down in the back of his station wagon all the way to the Prom so I wouldn't be sitting too long while I was there. Entering the parking garage to get into the dance, we had to pass through a security guard station, and the guard gave us a really strange look. Fun memories!

I remember when we were all at Garner, our Science teacher shaved his head. He wrote on the board that he was studying to be a MONK. I went up and wrote an "EY" on the end of Monk. SOMEONE... tattled on me, and he sent me to the PRINCIPAL's office, which I thought was pretty lame. The Principal, was just a large Teddy Bear with a big Cigar, and thought it was amusing. So I basically sat there for the entire class period and chatted it up with the Principal. I now have early dementia, and can't remember either of their names, but I would like to know who TATTLED! I suspect it was Ken Pearce, as he was in that class. It was probably half the class sitting behind me.

I did orchestrate all of us bringing a bunch of wind up alarm clocks to our Social Studies class, hiding them all over the classroom, and then setting them all to go off at the same time. That guy had a sense of humor, and I don't remember anyone turning me in as the instigator of that prank.

I got a little more creative in College!

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Connie and George Vakey at our last reunion
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