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P - A - N - O - R - A - M - I - C

1994 Reunion   25th Yr Group Photo

1989 Reunion   20th Yr Group Photo 

1969 Senior Class    Panoramic Photo - "smiling" version

1966 9th Grade Class    Panoramic Photo - "non-smiling" version

O T H E R   V I N T A G E

Aerial Photo of Old Mac Campus

Spirit Photos from October '67 Football Program (thanks to Anthony Reed)  These are the classics we all remember - the complete program is available thru the link at the Home Page Announcement.. 

Vintage  Garner JHS photos  (Thanks to Judi Clark Willingham)  We love these old snapshots and ask the class to dig out your photos like Judi did - send those scans to Ken Pearce..

Way Back Before Mac  (Thanks to Butch Gerfers, Co70)   Garner JHS A Band, '65-'66     Garner Student Council, '64-'65    Coker Safety Patrol, '63  

Serna 4th Grade (Mrs Taylor)   (thanks to Brian Vance Fb page)

2nd Grade Class Roll   Not a photo - but a fine archive from Judi Clark.   Wilshire Elem, Grade 2, Room 6, Mrs Mayberry.  Hmm, 1959..??  And dig those retro phone numbers. 


P O S T  -  4 0 t h   R E U N I O N    S N A P S H O T S

Fiesta de los Brahmas  and  NIOSA  (April 2010)

Specht's Store  Post-'09 Reunion Gathering  (Nov 28, 2009)

                      R E U N I O N    S N A P S H O T S

2014 Reunion   45th Mac Class of '69 - Reunion Photos

2009 Reunion  40th Mac Class of '69 - Reunion Photos

2004 Reunion  35th Mac Class of '69 - Reunion Photos

1999 Reunion  30th Mac Class of '69 - Reunion Photos   You can watch the  SLIDESHOW ON THIS PAGE BELOW  of the 1999 Reunion photos. It has music in the slideshow so there is no separate playlist player like on the 2004 Reunion photos page

1994 Reunion  25th Mac Class of '69 Reunion Photos   Just a few - and we'd sure like to have more

1989 Reunion  20th Mac Class of '69 Reunion Booklet  The reunion booklet (Black & White) - but we've also added 75 color photos

1984 Reunion  15th Mac Class of '69 Reunion Photos    Almost  300 photos  have been added

1979 Reunion  10th Mac Class of '69 Reunion Photos   Only a few - and again, we'd sure like to have more


         O L D   M A C   C A M P U S   P H O T O   L I N K S

These photos are from the MacArthur High School website.  That site (and these same photo links) can be accessed from the Mac Facts / Links page. 

History of MacArthur H S Page with link to Old Mac Campus Tour  with links to:

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